2013-2014 Yearbook

The new 2013-2014 yearbook has been added and is available to download.

Scholarship Applications

This year's Jarvis and Washington State scholarship applications are available for download.

City Youth Tournament

The preliminary current standing for the Youth Championship tournament have been posted.

Women's, Mixed & Open Championships

Congratulations to all of this years champions!

Open Division

  • Integr-Tees (Team - 950 & Over, Handicapped)
  • Advanced Machining N.W. (Team - 949 & Under, Handicapped)
  • Michael's Angels (Team - Scratch)
  • Gary Friberg & Dennis Sterley (Doubles - 380 & Over, Handicapped)
  • James McCold & Kenneth Bradley (Double - 379 & Under, Handicapped)
  • Annie Silvers & Nicholas Diacogiannis (Doubles - Scratch)
  • Kim Sternod (Singles - 190 & Over, Handicapped)
  • Kenneth Bradley (Singles - 189 & Under, Handicapped)
  • James McCold (Singles - Scratch)
  • Lawrence Harris (All Events - 190 & Over, Handicapped)
  • Johnathen Bushby (All Events - 189 & Under, Handicapped)
  • James McCold (All Events - Scratch)

Women's Division

  • Sizzlin Chickens (Team)
  • Jessie Fried & Richelle Harris (Doubles)
  • Sabrina Groves (Singles)
  • Richelle Harris (All Events - Handicapped)
  • Sabrina Groves (All Events - Scratch)

Mixed Division

  • Titchenal (Team)

Final Results

Adult and Youth Candidate Applications

Adult/Youth board and delegate positions are open, if you are interested you can fill out the following applications and submit them by April 1, 2014

2013 Adult-Youth Tournament

Final Results for the 7th Annual Adult/Youth Doubles Tournament

Division Champions

  • Shelby Snyder & Christopher Gray (360 & Above, Handicapped)
  • Steele Adams & Gary Snyder (300 - 359, Handicapped)
  • Wyatt Rosenau & Charlene Rosenau (240 - 299, Handicapped)
  • Allie Andrews & Michelle Sullivan (239 & Below, Handicapped)
  • Shelby Snyder & Christopher Gray (Scratch)

Results and Prize listings

SCUSBC Trio and Senior Tournaments

Final Results and Prize Listings for Trio and Senior Tournaments.


  • Richard Byrnes & Russ Grothe (Doubles 55 & Over)
  • Steven Nelson & Anthony Sereduck (Doubles 50 - 54)
  • Russ Groth (Singles 55 & Over)
  • Gary Snyder (Singles 50 - 54)


  • U'r Thumb Doesn't Go There (570 & Over Handicapped)
  • A-L Compressed Gasses 2 (569 & Under Handicapped)
  • U'r Thumb Doesn't Go There (Scratch)

Prize Lists

Final Standings

2013-2014 Tournament Entries

Entries are being posted for the upcoming 2013-2014 tournament season.

Averages are now searchable!

Looking for an individual average or wanting to see what you averaged over the years? How about looking for a bowler within a certain range to fill a team or just wanting to see how everybody in your league averaged? Our new averages page now includes several ways to help you find what you are looking for.

Check it out and let us know what you think

Spokane County USBC Youth Kick-Off Tournament

On July 26th at 6PM, Bumpers' Family Fun Center is running the Youth Kick-Off Tournament.

There are 4 divisions and the entry fee is $20 (includes pizza and soda).

Women's & Open Championship Tournaments

The final results have been finalzied. Congratulations to this years winners.

Team Event

  • McBeth #1 (Open - 950 & Over, Handicap)
  • Michael Johsnon (Open - 949 & Under, Handicap)
  • Pork Fried Woodnuts (Open - Scratch)
  • M S B S (Womens - Handicap)

All Events

  • Lawrence Harris (Open - 190 & Over, Handicap)
  • Terry Den Boer (Open - 189 & Under, Handicap)
  • Lawrence Harris (Open - Scratch)
  • Sabrina Groves (Womens - Handicap)
  • Sabrina Groves (Womens - Scratch)


  • Scott Lilly & Lawrence Harris (Open - 380 & Over, Handicap)
  • Michael Bowman & Annie Silvers (Open - 379 & Under, Handicap)
  • James Brinkman & Nick Powell (Open - Scratch)
  • Marilee Codd & Laurie Baker (Womens - Handicap)


  • Dennis Sterley (Open - 190 & Over, Handicap)
  • Richelle Davis (Open - 189 & Under, Handicap)
  • Blane Silvey (Open - Scratch)
  • Sabrina Groves (Womens - Handicap)

Final Results

Prize Lists

23rd Annual City Queens Tournament

Entries are now out for the 23rd annual Queens tournament. The tournament will be held at Deer Park on March 10 at 11:00 AM.

  • Queens Tournament entry

Youth Tournament

The preliminary tournament standings have been posted.

  • Preliminary Results .docx

Adult/Junior Tournament

Congratulations to this year's Adult Youth Champions

Bantams (8 and Under)

  • M. Asadi / R. Harris

Preps (9-11)

  • M. Hilden / D. Hilden

Juniors (12-14)

  • J. Hilden / D. Hilden

Majors (15-21)

  • J. Covington / B. Covington

Final Resuls and Prize List

Senior and Trio Tournament

Senior and Trio tournament results are now final.

Senior Tournament Winners

  • Ron McDonald & Julius Williams (Doubles)
  • Belinda Den Boer & Jill Peterson (Doubles 50-54)
  • Eric Dickson (Singles)
  • Chuck Zigmund (Singles 50-54)

Trio Winners

  • Valley Bowl Soft Ball (570 & Over)
  • Matherly #2 (569 & Under)
  • Ed & Fred's Video (Scratch)

Winter League Averages

The 2011-12 winter league averages have been uploaded.

2011 - 2012 Yearbook is now online.

Highlights from the 2011-12 Yearbook Season:

4 new members induted to the SCUSBC Hall of Fame

  • Ron Buckner Sr.
  • Lyle Elo
  • Mike Hanson
  • Phillip Skok Sr.

2011-12 Merit Awards

  • Once again, Mike Handelin posts the High Average for season at 251
  • Mike Handelin also puts up the season's High Series at 868
  • For the women, Sabrina sets the season High Average at 215
  • The 771 by Cheryl Gould is the High Series for the women this season
  • Julie Walker's 299 was the women's High Score for the season
  • Nikalas Gosselin finished at 219 to set the High Average in the Youth Division
  • High Series for the season ends up with Steven Talbot's 803
  • Heather Lundgren's 192 Average was high for Girls
  • Kolette Foster's 265 Game was this year's high
  • High Series for the Girls goes to Heather Lundgren with a 728

See the rest of the past season highest scores on our Special Recognition page.

Master's Tournament

  • Sean Heath wins the 2012 Master's Tournament

Notable 300 Games

  • Sean Heath 2(Sanctioned Sport League)
  • Matt Descoteaux (Sanctioned Sport League)
  • Numerous (Mike Handelin - 6)

What's New?

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